How to see Miami Boat Sightseeing in Florida

With a beach in Broward County, Florida, in a city called Miami, the sightseeing of a boat is easy.

But it can be tough to navigate, so if you’re looking to get off the beaten path, you might want to take a guided tour.

Here’s how to do it.1.

Know the Rules:Before you get started, you should know the rules of the road in the county where you’re going to take your boat tour.

In Broward, the following rules apply:1.

No alcohol2.

No drugs3.

No loud music4.

No smoking5.

No open flames6.

No drinking or driving7.

No children and pets8.

No cell phones9.

No pets10.

No driving on state or federal highways11.

No other cars or motorcycles12.

No flying or jumping from a height above sea level13.

No fishing on public land14.

No dogs and cats15.

No use of electronic devices or cameras16.

No carrying more than two persons in a vehicle17.

No public urination or defecation18.

No dancing or other similar acts19.

No photography of private parts20.

No wearing or touching any clothing other than the clothes that you are wearing in the public area21.

No spitting or spitting up22.

No making eye contact23.

No touching or touching another person in the privacy of your own home24.

No holding hands25.

No walking on or through an alley, driveway, or park26.

No riding a bicycle or skateboard27.

No using or carrying a mobile phone28.

No operating a vehicle or public transportation29.

No sitting or lying down30.

No urinating on or touching a roadway31.

No playing loud music or playing any video games with others32.

No putting or spilling water on yourself33.

No having your own personal grooming service34.

No bringing your own toiletries35.

No consuming or consuming alcohol36.

No entering a barber shop37.

No engaging in any illegal activity38.

No sleeping in a public or private location39.

No taking any medication in the open or on public property40.

No feeding a dog41.

No swimming or diving underwater42.

No camping or swimming at night43.

No surfing in a lake or pond44.

No standing still45.

No eating or drinking in the heat of the day46.

No hunting in the wild47.

No skiing48.

No horseback riding49.

No scuba diving50.

No sailing or rafting51.

No windsurfing or surfing on a watercraft52.

No snowshoeing53.

No water skiing54.

No kayaking55.

No diving into a pool56.

No snorkeling57.

No ice climbing58.

No bungee jumping59.

No backcountry camping60.

No bird watching61.

No hiking in the woods62.

No equestrian activity63.

No cycling on public lands64.

No motorized recreational boating65.

No rowing in water66.

No sledding67.

No running or walking on a treadmill or track68.

No mountain biking69.

No jogging or jogging on a horse or in a sled70.

No dog sledding71.

No bike riding72.

No boat boarding73.

No golfing on a course74.

No bicycling in the rain75.

No paragliding 76.

No canoeing77.

No mountaineering78.

No cross country skiing79.

No zip lining80.

No downhill skiing81.

No jumping in the air82.

No biking on snow83.

No ski touring84.

No rollerblading in the snow85.

No skydiving in the ice84.0 No other activities or sports85.0 Yes, but not allowed in this area86.

No horses in the country87.

No skating on a track88.

No bowling89.

No baseball90.

No football91.

No tennis92.

No field hockey93.

No softball94.

No soccer95.

No basketball96.

No hockey97.

No track and field98.

No high school football99.

No women’s golf100.

No swimmer101.

No archery102.

No table tennis103.

No netball104.

No squash105.

No wrestling106.

No volleyball107.

No weightlifting108.

No kickboxing109.

No gymnastics110.

No karate111.

No martial arts112.

No bobsled or snooker113.

No discus or javelin114.

No javelina115.

No pole vault116.

No lacrosse117.

No boxing118.

No fencing119.

No mixed martial arts120.

No bodybuilding121.

No cheerleading122.

No dance123.

No rugby 124.

No flag football125.

No handball126.

No footbaliving127.

No figure skating128.

No sprinting129.

No beach volleyball130.

No shooting distance agility

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