What to look out for during the Sydney Olympics

With a number of major sporting events in the city coming to an end, Sydney’s sightseeing boats will be looking for a new home this week as part of the Olympic Games.

The boats will return to the Harbour Bridge, with the first one sailing to New South Wales from Sydney’s North Coast on Wednesday.

They will return on Thursday from Victoria, where they will return again to Sydney’s CBD for the start of the Australian Open later this week.

The first boat will sail from the Docklands to Melbourne on Friday, and then it will be towed by two motorbikes to Melbourne’s Princes Dock.

“We’ll be at Princes on Friday and then we’ll be back to Sydney on Saturday,” Sydney Olympic Director of Parks, Recreation and Tourism David Gower said.

“We’re going to be on the Princes dock, then back to the harbour bridge on Sunday and then back down to the Sydney harbour on Monday.”

The Harbour Bridge is one of the few public spaces on the harbour that is still open for visitors and has become a favourite tourist destination for people from the rest of Sydney.

In February, Sydney Olympic Organisers launched a new campaign to promote the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

“If you’re planning to come along, come and see the sights, enjoy the events, and if you don’t, we can all meet up on the Harbourbridge again later in the week,” Gower told ABC Radio Sydney.

“And it’s an opportunity to see the city for yourself, to go for a walk or do some recreational activities.

We’re really excited about the opportunity to return to Sydney Harbour Bridge.”

The Olympics will also see Australia’s first Olympic canoe race take place at the Sydney Olympic Park, which has seen record numbers of boats sailing this year.

It’s hoped the event will help attract more boats to the area, which is expected to host around 10,000 people.

“I think it’s a good opportunity for the community to come together and see our sport and the boats,” Sydney Harbour Board chairman Tom Frew said.

He said the event could help boost the area’s tourism.

A spokesperson for the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet said the Olympic events were the “most exciting in the world”.

“We want to ensure that everyone in Sydney has an opportunity for a glimpse of the city from a safe distance,” the spokesperson said.

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