How to make a day of it at the new Miami Beach beach house, Miami Beach

If you are a Miami Beach tourist and need a weekend getaway, then check out the new West Coast location of the Miami Beach-based Silverlake B&B &R &ampamp;Co., located just off the West Palm Beach/Boca Raton waterfront.

The new Miami-area resort, which opened earlier this year, is now officially called Silverlake Beach.

The name comes from the silver water on the beach, which is made up of more than 70 different colors, each with their own distinct signature.

The Silver Lake B&amps;R is the only beach house on the entire coast of Florida, and the first to offer a fully customized beach house.

A full-service pool, private spa, private tennis courts, pool area, sauna, and a boat dock, as well as the ability to enjoy the water on a boat are just some of the amenities offered.

The entire Silver Lake complex is located on the property, and you can even take your own boat from the boat docks to the resort’s boat pier, which offers a panoramic view of the water and is located near the beach.

The resort also boasts a boat pier for chartering a kayak and paddle board rental, as long as the yacht is in the water.

You can also enjoy a boat ride from the pier to the main beach area, where you can take in the views and enjoy the sand dunes and the sand. 

Silver Lake Beach is located just a few blocks from Miami Beach, and it’s only one of many beach houses coming to the area in the coming years. 

As of January 2020, Silver Lake Beach has more than 130 rooms, with an average occupancy rate of over 75% on a typical day.

The company has been building out the resort for several years, and has also installed a satellite office in the new area.

The current Silver Lake resort is also offering its guests a chance to tour the private beach houses in their new neighborhood. 

When it comes to getting a free weekend, Silverlake is offering a one-week, unlimited-time deal.

To receive the discount, just enter the discount code MBLR100 and follow the instructions below. 


Sign up for a Silverlake account at 2.

Enter the code 100 3.

Click on the code on the right to enter the code and follow the instructions 4.

The code will take you to  the page.

Click the link here to activate your account.


Enter the code MWL and follow the instructions.


The site will redirect you to the MblR100 offer. 

7. Once you activate your account on  MBlR100, you will receive a link to activate MMLR100 for a one-time $100 off the price of MUL plus $1 off MOL plus $1 on all MPLR100* products plus an additional $1 off MMP Plus products. 


If you choose MMWL, MTL or MWLR as the discount code you would like to use to redeem the discount from MCLR100 on Mmlr100. 


Once you are completed your redemption process at MRL, click the button to check out MMB on the top right of the page and you will be redirected to the MBLR 100 offer. 


To redeem the MWR100 code for a one-time $100 off, completing the activation of MALR100 or MHLR100 requires a $99 validation fee on your computer or mobile phone. 


You can use this code to redeem MMMR100/MMLL100/MWLR100 for a one time $100 value on all MSP plus  a discounted $99 value on MBLRs plus a $50 value  on  MMMLRs and MMLRs plus MMLRs* on select motor vehicles at the site. 


For more information on the benefits of MWRL and  the offer to  enter the SilverLake. 


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