Malaga boat sightseeker on the hunt for the next big city

An avid motorbike rider, Kavita Das has been searching for a new home for her six-month-old baby daughter for a decade.

But with the state’s budget deficit looming and the prospect of a budget shortfall of around $50 million in 2019, Das is turning to boat tours.

“I love the beach and I love going out on the water,” Das said.

“The boats are clean and there’s so much to do in the harbour.”

Das is one of a growing number of women in Kerala’s capital city who have found new homes to stay in as a result of budget cuts.

While other women have taken to staying in apartments and motels, Das’ decision to travel on the boats has paid off, and she now has an easy place to go for the duration of her pregnancy.

In a recent visit to the capital, Das took a one-hour trip from the city’s tourist district to her new home.

“It’s a very comfortable place to live,” Das explained.

“We don’t have any furniture or a lot of space.

But we have a nice room and a kitchen, a bath, and there is a full-sized toilet.”

Das said she and her husband were happy to spend a day in Malaga and then return to their home.

She said she had spent a few days with her daughter in a nearby village, and that the house was quite comfortable.

“She is just a normal girl who is happy to be here,” Das added.

“There are no problems.”

For Das, the new accommodation was a welcome change, as she said it had been tough to find a place to stay during the budget crisis.

“My husband has been in the business of renting out apartments for a long time and he was not happy with the current situation,” Das told The Times.

As the budget was getting tighter, it was really hard to find the space I needed,” Das concluded.

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