FourFourThree: I was born in a village

FourFour Two: My family’s name is Víctor.

My mother was a housewife.

We had a beautiful little house and the only thing that I can remember was the name of the family.

So my name is Vasco Vízquez.

I was an 8-year-old boy.

I had a dream, that I would be a doctor.

I thought that my dream was real.

I worked very hard and I would go to hospitals and see patients.

So I had two dreams: to see patients and to make medicine.

So that’s why I started doing medicine.

At the same time, I was doing everything else.

I wanted to do well in school, and that’s how I was able to earn my degree in medicine.

And I started working.

I would come to the hospital, and I was already a doctor, so I wanted the best, so that’s when I joined the hospital.

At that time, there were two types of hospitals: the private and the public.

I liked the public hospital, so when I started, I went there.

I became very familiar with patients.

And when I came to the public hospitals, they were very different from the private ones.

They were in small hospitals.

So it was a little bit difficult for me.

When I got to the private hospital, I knew everything there, so it was easier.

I started with the patients.

But I started to understand that I was really good at this.

And so I would do well and be a good doctor.

And my students started to ask me for things.

So after two years, I decided to start my own practice.

My name is Carlos Sánchez.

I’m a physician who’s been practicing medicine in the private hospitals since 1993.

I think my work is the most important because it gives hope to other doctors who are looking for work.

So when I come to work, I say that I will do everything I can for the patients, because if I don’t do it, then there is nothing else I can do.

And it’s a very rewarding job.

I like to see people and I like patients.

My patients are always there.

They always ask me if I am okay, and sometimes I can’t answer them, but I always give them the answers.

They ask me questions, they ask me to give them advice, and then I answer.

They are very kind.

When they ask for money, I don.

Sometimes, they pay me and sometimes they don’t.

So they’re really good people.

But when I see my patients, I can tell that I am a good person.

When patients ask me why I’m here, I answer them.

And the patients are really grateful for that.

Because I’m not the doctor that they think they are going to have.

So, when patients ask, “Is it too much?

It’s too much?”

I always say, “It’s not too much.

It’s good.”

Because I am not here to be a celebrity.

I have my own business.

I do my own medicine.

I am here to serve the people, to save them.

So in that sense, I am really happy to be here.

Now, I work at the hospital where I am working.

The patients, the patients have their own problems, but they know that they can reach out to me.

I give them a solution.

So at the end of the day, I think that I give my best and help the people.

Now that I’m at a hospital, you can see the patients and ask me.

If I don´t help, you will not see the people and you won´t be able to save the people in the hospital anymore.

So thank you, thank you.

You can also visit the website of my company.

In the meantime, I’m trying to work on a different career.

And you can visit the site of my new business.

So please join me.

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