How to watch the Costa Concordia cruise to Japan

If you’re a tourist who wants to see the world’s most famous cruise liner to Japan, here are the essentials: – Get there early.

This is the shortest ferry ride, about 10 minutes.

– Enjoy the view.

The ship’s huge white wharf, the iconic Tohoku arch, is an impressive sight.

– Watch the ship’s captain and crew.

The captain is known as “Captain Shiro”.

The ship is called Costa Concordio, and the captain is named Captain Francesco.

– Take a photo.

This boat is the size of a large SUV and carries about 600 people, and this is a prime time to get a photo on the boat.

– Be respectful of other people.

There are no “no photos” signs on the ship.

You’ll be looking at the view as the ship passes.

You can even take a selfie with the captain if you feel like it.

– Visit the museum.

It is worth visiting the museum, too.

They have a large exhibition on the Costa-Concordia, and there is a museum on the island of Yushinabe.

It has a lot of information, and a little bit of history, too, and they also have some really fun activities.

– Don’t miss the food.

The restaurant on the cruise ship is open 24 hours a day, but it’s also a good time to have a bite.

You should also plan ahead if you plan to have dinner with your family on the next day.

You might want to eat some sushi first, and it’s worth it.

Also, try the fish and chips at the food court.

You won’t regret it.

There’s also something called the “Miyagi Island” for sushi.

You’ve probably seen it at some of the tourist sites around the world, but you might not know that it’s actually called Miyagi Island.

– Check out the sights.

You could easily walk for hours on a walk along the ship and on the promenade.

You may even see the ship on a boat.

It’s just a bit off the beaten path, but there’s a lot to see and do.

– Go to the aquarium.

There is a wonderful aquarium there, and some of its exhibits are incredible.

The water is very fresh, and its a fun place to visit.

– Have a picnic.

If you have any reservations, you should definitely make them ahead of time.

It can be a long trip, and you may want to save some cash.

And of course, there’s the food and the beer.

This will give you a great excuse to go out and enjoy yourself.

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