How the okeelinga fishing boat ended up on the beach

Okeelants were once a staple of the coastal waters of southern New Zealand.

Their colourful, colourful shells, which are prized for their shell-dwelling abilities, were also prized by the locals, who used them to make a home for the fish.

However, after World War II, the New Zealand government started looking at other ways to harvest the colourful creatures for their shells.

That led to the development of a variety of ways to catch the colourful fish.

In addition to the traditional way of fishing, a number of fishing vessels, including the Okeenan, the Okesha, and the Aneco, were being used.

Okeeans are a species of eel, the type found in the oceans of New Zealand, and are often found in warm water and the deep ocean.

In the 1980s, however, the number of Okeeyas was reduced from 20,000 to just three, with only a handful of individuals surviving to adulthood.

Okesa populations in the Pacific Ocean have been declining in recent years, and many of the remaining individuals are estimated to be between 25 and 50 years old.

One of the main problems with harvesting Okeesas is the fact that they often are found in areas where the fishing nets are relatively low, or the nets are not well anchored.

In order to obtain more of the fish, some fishermen resort to the use of a bait called keeelante, which has a sharp, sharp metal tip.

The keeelinante can also be used to catch more of these fish, or used to remove the fish from the water.

Although the keeeliant is a popular fishing bait, the catch of the colourful okeeyeans is extremely rare.

The okeeyes are a part of the Oceania chain of reef fishes, which consists of the mako, kokaro, and keekelanta.

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