Why are you so happy you’re a sailor?

Posted July 24, 2018 03:21:39When you’re on the water, the sea is just the backdrop.

It’s the world, after all.

But when it comes to seeing your favorite ships in action, there are no better sights than the sights aboard the iconic Biscayne Bay’s two boats.

There’s a reason why Biscay Bay’s fleet of boats is called the USS Indianapolis, and the crews motto is “One ship, one crew”.

On the morning of July 23, the crew was enjoying a morning off and about in Florida, when they came upon a mysterious and beautiful floating ship that was all set to dock at their local dock.

It was the USS Captree, the flagship of the Biscayan Bay’s three ship fleet.

As soon as the crew arrived at the shipyard, they were greeted by the Captree’s crew.

The captain of the Captrea was none other than Captree Sailors Co-Captain Steve McPherson, a man with a love of boats and sailors.

He had been on a number of occasions with the Indianapolis and knew the crew well.

“It was amazing.

The ship was just a beautiful white and blue, beautiful ship,” McPhearson told ABC News.

The crew was in awe of the floating craft and the beauty of the ship, and they decided to give it a try.

The Captree is an eight-meter (27-foot) sailboat with a diameter of 16.8 meters (43 feet).

The boat is powered by a 30-horsepower diesel engine, and its mainstay is its eight propellers.

They are all made of fiberglass and are mounted on a frame.

The propellers spin at a speed of 50 knots.

In the photo above, the propellers are flying, and there’s a large white flag attached to the bow of the boat.

They can be raised and lowered up to 20 degrees, and it has two vertical stabilizers.

It’s important to note that the Captres crew is not an official member of the Indianapolis or the Indianapolis-class vessels.

They just love sailing and taking photos of the ships, and are not part of the crew of the USS Indiana.

However, they did make an exception for the crew aboard the Indianapolis, since they felt the Captre Sailors crew did a great job on the ship.

“The Indianapolis is my favorite,” Mcphearson said.

“I love all of the other ships, but it’s my favorite ship because of the way it sails and the way the water feels.

When you are in the water and the boat is sailing, you don’t want to have to get off.

That is the best feeling in the world.”

The Captrees crew is now trying to get the Indianapolis into the water again.

They’ll take the boat back to their dock in Tampa, Florida, for a short visit and then begin preparations for the ship’s next port of call.

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