When to visit the Adelaide CBD? What to look out for

Posted July 07, 2018 07:14:23The Adelaide CBD is one of the most visited places in Australia, and for good reason.

But with more than 500,000 people visiting the area each year, it is not always easy to navigate the city in your car.

In fact, there are only about 30 of the 300 designated motor vehicle parking spaces available to accommodate the thousands of cars a day that come through the CBD.

A new design for motor vehicle spaces will allow drivers to park and use the spaces in a more compact way, while also allowing the city to grow and evolve.

The new Adelaide CBD motor vehicle space design, which will be officially unveiled this week, will make it easier for drivers to access the spaces while also providing a safe place to park.

The design will see the Adelaide City Council take a “one stop shop” approach to finding a new way to accommodate car parks and to ensure that vehicles can park in a safe and efficient manner, Adelaide City Manager Nick Dey said.

The Adelaide City’s motor vehicle parks currently have to travel about a kilometre to the nearest motor vehicle site.

In contrast, the new Adelaide motor vehicle park will be designed to provide a one-stop-shop to all the parking spots in the city.

“We’re looking to see what the best way to do that is,” Mr Dey told the ABC.

The city is proposing to install four motor vehicle areas, with two of them in residential areas.

“In those areas, you’ll find a parking deck, and we’ve got four parking decks in each area,” Mr dey said, adding that the four areas will have a maximum capacity of 100 vehicles per area.

The remaining three motor vehicle sections will be placed in parks, with the spaces for pedestrians, cyclists and other users.

The existing Adelaide City Parking Deck has already been converted into a new motor vehicle area, with a new parking deck being installed on the south side of the building, Mr Deys said.

“There will be three areas in each of those areas,” he said.

There will also be a new section of motor vehicle storage space, where a temporary structure will be installed to hold the vehicles for the duration of the design.

“That space will be an area that will allow you to store vehicles and provide the space to park those vehicles,” Mr dela Rosa said.

This will be a temporary parking space, and the Adelaide Motor Vehicle Parking Authority is recommending that it be converted into permanent parking space.

The parking authority is proposing the park area to be accessible by bike, but said there are no plans to install bikes in the area.

“What we’re proposing is a space that will enable you to bike to and from your destination or use the bike racks to park, but we’re not suggesting that cyclists are required to use the space,” Mr Dela Rosa explained.

Mr dey told ABC Radio Adelaide that the design would provide a safe space for drivers, while still providing them with a space to move their cars in and out of.

“You’ll have the space where you can go into the city, park and go home,” he explained.

“It’ll provide a safer place for people to park where they want to park.”

The design was designed by South Australian architectural firm Bixby, and is expected to be completed in early 2018.

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