What to know about helsinkansen sightseeing boat trip from Helsinki to Prague

Helsinki, Finland (AP) – A group of young Finnish tourists are planning to travel from Helsinki, Sweden, to Prague to take a scenic boat ride through the mountains and the blue skies, while soaking in a lake.

The boat tour is part of the annual trip to Helsinki from Prague, Slovakia, that is celebrated every spring.

It is scheduled to start on June 22 and will take 10 days.

The tour is meant to celebrate the fact that Helsinki has one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe and has one the highest population densities of people.

“I think we are in the best shape possible to see Prague and the mountains,” said Jussi Tuominen, 18, one of three tourists who have planned to visit Prague on their own.

They have booked a small boat with two guides.

One of them is a local named Jusso, who has been helping the young men plan their trip for a year and a half.

The other is a Finnish named Mika, who was in Helsinki last year.

The group of 10 people, including two boys and one girl, will meet in Helsinki on June 24 for dinner and then take a taxi to Prussia, which is a short distance away from Helsinki.

The bus ride will take about 1,200 kilometers, according to the website for the tour, helsinksuppo.fi.

It will take them to Prussian capital, Berlin, then to Prague, which will take two days.

Jusso and Mika plan to go to the Prague Zoo, where the young people will visit the endangered species of wild boar.

They will take photos and listen to music.

The group will also get to ride a tram on the tram tracks that connects Prussia to Prater in the Czech Republic.

The trip will end in Prague and the young tourists will head to Prager Castle in the Bavarian Alps, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where they will see the famous castle.

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