‘Sightseeing Boat Geiranger’ for India’s tourism sector

The Visitor Experience Centre (VEC) has been awarded a Rs 1.65 crore grant for the next phase of the Visitor Area Development (VA) programme, to be launched on May 1.

The VEC is a new programme aimed at helping the tourism sector as a whole, the Visiting Tourism Corporation (VTC) said in a statement.

“The VEC will facilitate the provision of visitor accommodation, accommodation services and other facilities in the Visitation Area Development Area, the Ministry of Tourism and Ministries of Industry and Commerce (MoIST) said.

The VA is a project that provides the visitor accommodation and services that can be utilised for various purposes, including tourism activities,” the VTC said.

The VA programme is being implemented in the last five months, the VEC said.

“We are thrilled to partner with MoIST for this vital programme, which has been launched at the earliest in our history,” VTC chairman Kunal Pandey said.

“We have already taken some steps to further the VA project.

We are keen to further expand this programme,” he said.

Visitor accommodation is a key component of Va development, which will also help the tourism industry, which is in need of new accommodation facilities.

“Visitor Area has been the target of the MoIST initiative.

We would like to help the industry in other areas as well.

This is the biggest challenge facing the industry,” he added.”

Visitor accommodations have to be of high quality, cleanliness is important.

The Government will provide free accommodation for those who need it.

We have to get it right,” Pandey added.

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