What to do with your old vacation photos at the beach

This article is part of our Summer 2017 feature series that features some of the best and worst beach photography to be found in the United States.

Read more: A group of young men in Japan is sharing some of their favorite beach photos from the 1960s.

One of the guys behind this project, Junichi Hoshi, told us that he found himself fascinated with the beach at a particular time in the 1960’s. 

“I always had this interest in the beach in Japan,” Hoshi said.

“I remember the days when the beach was in its prime and the ocean was in a beautiful calm.

I wanted to get out and experience it.”

The young men behind the series of images say they captured the beaches in the same way that they would take snapshots of their family in Hawaii. 

Hoshi and his friends started taking photos at a beach in the small town of Akashima. 

Their photos were so beautiful, that they even had to sell their vacation home and rent a house in Akashimasu for a while.

They ended up renting out their home, and began collecting photos for the project.

The collection included hundreds of photos, including some of Akashi and his family.

“I was really interested in the idea of being able to take a photo of my own family at the moment,” Hashi said.

Hoshi was able to capture many of his family’s favorite moments at the time, including the time he and his siblings and their parents were having lunch at the restaurant he and their mom owned. 

Some of the images from the collection were captured by Hoshi’s father and grandfather.

The photos were shot during a visit by the Japanese prime minister in 1963. 

The collection includes more than 50 photos, and there are more than 1,000 pictures on the website. 

While some of these photos have been shared by Japanese fans of the series, some have not. 

A group of Japanese beach goers are sharing their favorite photos of the 1960-70s. 

Source:  The Sport Book

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