What to know about the new NHL playoff format

The NHL playoffs will have four divisions, with each team in a separate division.

Each team will play eight games in a six-game series and play two in each of the first two rounds.

Each division will play 12 games and play eight of them in the first round.

The NHL will announce the first playoff round on Friday, March 11, at 3 p.m.


The first round will begin with the top-seeded teams facing off in a first-round playoff game.

The first game will be played on March 13, at 4 p.t. on ESPN.

The next four games will be held on March 15, at 5 p.p.m., on NBCSN, on CBC, and on TSN.

The other three divisions will play four games apiece, beginning with the third-seeds and moving to the top teams in the standings.

The top four teams in each division will advance to the second round.

The NHL’s decision to change the format has been controversial for years.

In the past, the league has always allowed for three playoff rounds per year.

The format has also come under scrutiny.

Many teams have complained about the format, with many players citing the increased travel, lack of availability of home ice and lack of time to train.

The league has responded by saying it is willing to consider a playoff format in the future.

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