Why is the Sky Blue Sky Blue going so well at the Olympics?

There are plenty of other reasons too, but in the light of the Olympic Games there are only two that really stand out.

The first is the fact that the SkyBlue Sky is one of the fastest and most efficient boats in the race.

It’s the best at its job and can reach speeds of up to 120km/h.

It was also the fastest boat in the last edition of the World Cup in 2014, and was the fastest in the inaugural edition of Euro 2016.

The SkyBlue has won all three editions of the European championships, and will be aiming for its third gold medal in this event.

The second reason is that it’s the first boat to finish in the top 10 of the qualifying races, which will be important in the World Cups qualifying races for the next two months.

This is also an indication of how well the boat is doing in qualifying, since the first two races in the two-week qualification period will be decided by the final two spots in the qualifying order.

The Sky Blue was first seen at the 2012 Summer Olympics and finished sixth in the qualifiers.

At the end of the 2014 edition, it was third, but that was due to the Sky’s winning of the two races.

However, in 2015, it finished seventh and won the first race of the second round.

In the last two seasons, the Sky has finished third or better in the qualification races, although it hasn’t finished in the final five places of the finals.

The only boat that has finished in that position is the Spanish La Familia, which has a chance to win the gold medal this year.

However, there is one boat that’s a long way off the podium: the Serenity.

It will be the first of two World Cup teams to finish last in the qualifier races, and is the second boat to come from nowhere in the past two years.

The former Lotto-Belisol team from Belgium finished in second place in the first qualifier, then finished last in last year’s qualification race.

The Belgian team has a good chance of doing well in this year’s qualifiers.

The Serenities will have to beat the Sky, and possibly the Dutch Breda, to get out of the qualifiers in the future.

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