What’s in store for boat rentals in Cape Cod?

By JENNIFER RICHARDSON, AP WriterA cruise ship from Singapore to the Bahamas can be yours for $4,000 if you rent a kayak or a canoe.

But what if you want a boat with a little more personality?

We’ve got you covered.

Here’s what you need to know about boat rentals and charter boats in Cape Town.

Key Points:The number of boats in the Cape Town waters has grown since the late 1990s.

The city-state’s harbor is home to more than 5,000 ships, and its boats are often a sight to behold.

You can rent a boat for $1,800 and have it ready to sail in less than two weeks.

The boat will be anchored in Cape Canaveral, the nation’s busiest port.

You’ll be able to book the boat with more than 20 people and have the boat ready for sailing in less time than a week.

You will be able visit the ships and tour the vessels’ cargo room, including the dining area, the galley, the mess and the living quarters.

Your boat will have the right amount of room for guests, crew and cargo.

You are also able to hire a car, a boat trailer, an aircraft or a private jet.

You can rent the car on the city’s rental agency.

The Cape Town-based company, the Vashon Riverboat Rentals, has its own fleet of more than 400 boats and its boat rental agency, Vashonsport, is also owned by the city.

You don’t need a boat rental company to rent boats for charter or sightseeing cruises in Cape St. James.

You do need a tour operator, and that’s where Vashoni Riverboat Rental Agency comes in.

It’s a company that has been operating for more than a decade, operating more than 200 boats.

The company says it has about 1,500 customers.

The owner of the company, Joe Vashonis, says there are about 15 boats in operation around Cape St.

“It’s the right type of boat for what we’re doing, what we need,” he said.

Vashonisport, which also owns the VeeVee Bay Cruises and the Ranao Islands, has a boat-rental fleet of about 200 boats, with another 30 boats available for charter.

You’re not required to rent a charter boat for a sightseeing trip to the island, and Vashonaire is able to arrange boat rentals for charter trips and sightseeing trips to other islands.

The boats are leased from the Cape Cod City Council, which is the government agency that oversees the harbor.

You need to pay for the rental on your own dime.

The City Council provides a fleet of 200 boats for a rental, and you rent those boats from the company.

Vashesonsport also has a fleet for sightseeing.

The company has a rental agreement with the Ritz-Carlton hotel in downtown Cape Town, which rents boats for sight seeing, and they rent the boats from Ritz.

You rent the boat for the length of time you need it, and then you rent the vehicle to take it to the harbor, Vashesonsportsport says.

You have to book your boat for two weeks before you can rent it.

It has to be anchored by the harbor before you take it, with a crew of four.

You have to rent the trailer for the duration of the cruise, and it has to arrive at the harbor at the same time you do.

It has to show up with the trailer and trailer trailer and have enough room for the crew and passengers.

You also have to arrange to have the trailer towed to the harbour for the cruise.

You’ve also got to arrange for the trailer to be towed to Port Canaveral for the port’s port entrance.

The trailer can be towed at the port entrance for about two hours.

The ferry boat rental is also available for sight-seeing, but VashoSport is not the only boat rental service that can take you to the islands.

The Cape Town Harbour Rentals rental company rents boats and has a large fleet of boats available to charter.

Vansport has also a fleet, and if you’re looking for a boat that can cruise for a few days, you can find a boat from the Vansport rental company.

It’s a little larger than Vashonesport, but it does rent boats and trailers, as well as have a fleet that rents boats.

Vakonasport has a small fleet of sightseeing boats available, including a kayaker and canoe boat.

It also rents boats to sightseeing tours, and has boats for sailing cruises.

Vasselasport, the company that rents boat rentals, rents boats, but the boats are rented for sight making, not sightseeing, Vaksonsport says on its website.

There are a lot of different types of boat rental, so you can choose one that suits you, V

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