What a dive: A Fuji sightseeing boats guide on a dive

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Brazil, an underwater boat guide has his eyes on something else.

A diver, named Filipe, is looking out for divers in the waters off the southern end of the Brazilian coast, which are often frequented by foreign divers.

Filipe is a certified diver.

He has been working in the area for about five years, and is well known for his work.

He was born and raised in the city of Porto Alegre, and now lives in the remote town of Cascais, about 100 miles north of Brazil’s capital, Rio de Janeiro.

Foti is an expert at diving and often spends hours diving alone on his own to catch rays, listen for underwater sounds, and see what lies below the surface.

Folipe was on the water to check on his wife and three children, when a group of divers came to take a photo of the family.

Flipe told Vice News that he and the other divers were looking for an underwater camera, which could record video and photos.

He said they took off from the boat and headed toward a small island.

As they approached the island, a diver spotted a light.

Fillipe was surprised to see the light, and decided to dive deeper into the water, where the light was more noticeable.

Filiplis boat was on a narrow ledge, and he could see that the light reflected off of the water.

Finipe thought about going back to his wife, and said he needed to take photos.

Finipe then dove into the light.

When he got close enough to the light and snapped photos, he saw that the diver was a woman.

The woman was crying.

Folipe immediately got on the boat, and began the trip back to the beach, Filiper said.

Fiper was taken aback, and then he began to feel nervous.

He began to think about how he might react.

He had never been in a situation like this before, he said.

But when he was diving, the diver’s body was underwater, so he had to stay underwater.

Foti took pictures of the diver, and later posted them on the internet.

When Filiple learned that he was in a group diving with another group, he immediately went back and took pictures, Foti said.

He posted the pictures on Instagram and Facebook.

After Filippes Instagram post, people began to contact him and ask him to come back and help the divers.

He accepted.

Foripe said he was excited to be able to go back to Porto and help out with the divers because he loves the area.

But he is also worried about what he will do if he doesn’t.

The dive boat owner has a large family, and Filippe is worried that his wife will leave him if he isn’t there to help.

“My family is afraid, and I’m afraid of my family.

I’m scared of what will happen if I don’t come back,” Filippa said.

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