Which city is the best place to see a whale sightseeing ship?

On Tuesday, the Calgary Aquarium announced that it will be hosting a whale sighting boat cruise through the city for the first time since the 2016 incident.

The whale sight seeing boat will be cruising around the city’s downtown core on Friday and Saturday, as part of the citywide Whale Sighting Festival.

The tour will take place in both the harbour and on the Esquimalt River.

The aquarium said the whale sighting boats are equipped with an electronic device and will have a “festival experience” that will include viewing the whales, kayaking and “seeing whales in the wild”.

“These whale sightings are really exciting for us and we hope that everyone will enjoy seeing them,” said Jim Dallen, director of communications and public affairs at the aquarium.

“We want people to come out to the harbour area, see the whales and have a whale experience.”

Dallens statement also said that the city is currently working with the Calgary Department of Public Works to make the whale sight-seeing boat more accessible.

“The city is working with Calgary Parks to ensure that there is a clear signage and barrier to prevent people from being able to see whales, and to help keep the whales away from the dock area,” Dalles statement read.

“It is important to note that these whale sight sightseeing boats are not designed for the purpose of viewing the whale,” the aquarium said.

“They are designed to provide a festival experience to the public and for those who have the ability to see the whale, to have a view of the whales.”

The aquarium has also said it will hold a special whale sighting on Saturday, September 26, to honor the life of the first whale spotted by marine biologist Dr. Richard Pimentel.

A team of scientists from the University of British Columbia recently discovered the first-known whale in the world on Vancouver Island, in 1998.

Pimentels team reported in 2011 that the whale was about 3.5 metres long and was about two metres wide, but it was never confirmed by anyone else.

The last known whale sighting was on the west coast of Newfoundland in 1996, which was a little more than six years before Pimentell first saw the whale.

“What is unique about the Esso whale is that the animal was spotted on a large, rocky beach, so it is possible that the Eso whale may have travelled more than three miles before being spotted by a group of people on the beach,” said Dallengas statement.

“This whale was observed in a remote area, which is a bit unusual for whale sightings.”

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