When will you see Stavanger?

Stavangers are in the news for a lot of reasons.

They have the highest per capita number of earthquakes in the world, with more than 3,000 on the books since the 1980s.

And the city’s economic boom is the stuff of nightmares, with a boom-and-bust cycle that has resulted in an influx of people, jobs and capital. 

However, there is one area that is largely overlooked: the history of stavangers fishing boats.

The Stavangels were a Norwegian-based fleet that was based in the Norwegian town of Stavberg. 

In 1918, a group of locals began a small fishing operation off the coast of Stovanger, where they caught fish off the Stavangeg coast and on to the mainland.

The Stravangels’ name comes from the Stålanger (Stroll), a river that runs through Stavagel, a town on the western shore of the island.

In 1920, the Stravanger was purchased by the Norwegian government, who renamed it the Staverkings.

As the fleet grew, the company went through several owners and owners changed their names.

But Stavags was still the name, and the Stavengers were still the boats. 

The Staverks’ last owner, Anders Øver, died in 1972, and by the early 1980s the fleet was on the way to retirement.

For many years, there was a dispute between the Stvangs owners and the Norwegian authorities over ownership of the fleet.

However, in 2002, the Norwegian parliament passed a law that granted ownership to the Norwegian Government, which bought the Stavellers for about $8 million, giving them a much larger value than they had at the time of their purchase.

The Stavangs’ name was then changed to the Stavanings, which is still the company’s official name.

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