The cost of sightseeing: A guide to the city

Paris — The cost to see a sightseeing ship in Paris?

About $1,200 per person, according to The Economist.

A luxury cruise ship, a luxury car, and a luxury apartment in a French city?

About the same as a luxury limousine.

The Economist has a chart detailing the cost of each of these types of sightseers and their accommodation.

The chart breaks down how much the cost to go sightseeing varies depending on the destination and the type of destination.

Here’s what the chart looks like when you click on the countries to see the price.

In Paris, the cost for a luxury cruise liner, a fine dining restaurant, a hotel room in the city center, and an apartment in the suburbs is $1.1 million, according the Economist.

The cost for the luxury car in Paris is $9,800 per person.

A limousines trip to the Riviera and the Grand Palais is $5,000 per person (not including the price of gas and parking).

The Economist also points out that there’s no limit on the amount of time you can spend on a sightseer’s itinerary in any one of the cities.

The Economist notes that, “the cost to spend two nights in Paris (or a weekend in the Rivieras) in the first six months of a sightsharing trip can be as little as $50,000.”

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