When you get to know a new place, you can never go wrong with Prague Sightseeing Boat!

Prague Sightshaking Boat is a new luxury sightseeing cruise that travels through a city of more than 12 million people.

The boat will take you on a boat tour around the beautiful city, taking you on the famous bridges and historic sites.

The sightseeing yacht will also have its own restaurant and bar, and it will even have a fully-equipped spa on board.

The only thing you’ll want to bring with you is your camera, but if you want to get away with something more serious, Prague Sightsharing Boat will let you go on a guided tour of the old city, complete with a night on the town. 

The Prague SightShaking Boat will travel from May 15-17, and costs around US$1,000 (around £1,250).

The boat tour will be hosted by a couple of renowned sightseeing boats in the Czech Republic, as well as a few other local sightseeing vessels.

You’ll be able to enjoy a full-on sightseeing experience, as the boat will be fully decked out with luxury amenities, including a full kitchen, private bar, a restaurant, and private baths. 

When you get a chance to experience this new sightseeing tour, take it with a dose of nostalgia. 

Read more about the Czech city of Prague Sightscaping Boat in our article!

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