How to plan your next trip to Helsinki and see the sights on the new vienna sightseeker boat

Helsinki, Finland — (CBS News) It’s a new sightseeing craft that’s going to change the way you view your city.

The sightseaker is a boat that you can take to the top of a mountain or the edge of a lake and take pictures of the city.

The new model, the Vienna Sightseeker, will allow you to see the city from up close without a helicopter.

Vienna Sightseeing Boat, a sightseeing and boating boat company, is building the boat with the help of a Finnish company called Helsinki Sightseeing.

It’s a brand new project and a little over three years in the making.

The team is already talking about what they’re going to do next.

It has already made more than 1,000 trips to the city of Helsinki and is expected to continue that for another 10 years.

The Vienna sightseekers will be on a three-meter tall steel boat that is designed to carry tourists on a boat tour.

The vienna boat will be able to stay up to 50 feet above the ground.

It will be designed to accommodate up to 10 passengers, including a guide.

The project is a part of a broader effort to bring sightseeing boating to the cities of Helsinki, Kaunas and Oulu.

It’s part of the Finnish government’s Vision 2020 plan, which aims to make the city more accessible and sustainable by building a new waterfront, improving the city’s water and air quality, and building a bike path.

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