Watch as Tampa’s new boat docks at Pier 17

Watch as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers unveil their new waterfront boat on Thursday.

Originally announced in January, the boat will take up the name ‘Tampa Bay Sightseeing Boat’ after being named after the city’s famous waterfront.

Owner Tony Burtin said the boat’s name reflects the area’s history of history and culture, including the historic and natural beauty of the area.

“The name Tampa Bay is a combination of the two,” Mr Burtins said.

“I like to call it Tampa Bay because it’s a little bit of both, but it’s still a great name.”

Tampa’s new waterfront is a little more than a kilometre long and will feature a large dock for the boat.

The dock will also include a viewing deck, a cafe and dining area, as well as a public restrooms.

Tampa will also have a park-like area and picnic area.

The boat’s exterior will include a distinctive flag on its hull, and will be painted in a colour of black and white.

“Tampa is the land of the rising sun, so we wanted to make sure it’s got a beautiful flag,” Mr Batts said.

Travis Brown from the Tampa Department of Transportation said the Tampa waterfront was chosen for the construction of the boat because of its proximity to downtown.

“We wanted to ensure we got something that’s easy to get around on and has a nice view,” Mr Brown said.

The design of the new boat will be based on the citys iconic waterfront, and features a distinctive white hull.

Taken from the new Tampa Bay sightseeing Boat, an illustration by Jason Brown.

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