When you’re a tourist, you can take your dog on the big screen

STAVANGER, N.D. (AP) A Stavanger man has filed a lawsuit against the company that owns the company he uses to book his dog’s sightseeing trips, saying he was unfairly told he would not be allowed to keep his dog on a large screen.

Travis Sadowski said in a complaint filed in Fargo County District Court that he was told by the owner of Stavangers Eye Tours, Inc. that the only way to have a dog on his property was to have him on a larger screen, the Stavangs Eye blog reported Friday.

The complaint also says the owner didn’t explain how the larger screen would work to Sadowskis pet.

He said he was never told the same thing in his application for the rental of his dog, but he was given an alternative option when he checked in on his dog two months ago.

Sadowski told the Stravangers Eye blog that the company told him in a letter dated Feb. 23 that he could no longer use his dog because it’s a service dog.

Sadowski said he’s a big fan of dogs and wanted to be able to use his service dog in his business activities, but his business was being threatened by a company that has a history of harassing people.

Sarkski said he had a conversation with the company owner and said he didn’t want to get sued, the blog reported.

He was told the only place to have his dog is on a bigger screen, he said.

He had been on a trip with a large-screen television set.

Salski is an avid sportsman and has had a passion for hunting since he was a kid, but now, he is looking to diversify his career by moving away from his business interests and getting back into the outdoors.

Sarkoski said the experience he had during the dog’s two months in the Stairs, where he was allowed to use a large TV, is what made him decide to file the lawsuit.

Sets have been booked, he added, and the owners of the company have been notified that the owner has notified the Fargo County Sheriff’s Office that he will not be accepting a permit for his service animal.

He also said that the owners have received multiple calls from people telling them they don’t want their service dog to be on the screen.

He said the company is offering him a full refund for his purchase of the dog.

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