What happens when you take a boat out to Manhattan and turn it into a haunted attraction?

The sightseeing boating boat from Brooklyn, NY has become an unofficial haunt for New Yorkers who have been turned into ghostly apparitions by the spirits of Manhattan’s abandoned boats.

The Brooklyn sightseeing craft has been a fixture in Manhattan’s tourist industry for over a decade, serving as a ferry for visitors to explore the city and the area around it.

Now, the boat has been turned up to 11 with a new addition: a haunting boat ride.

Brooklyn Sightseeing Boat is the latest addition to a line of sightseeing boats that are becoming a haunt for tourists.

Brooklyn’s sightseeing barge, the Brooklyn Ferry, has been one of New York City’s most popular tourist attractions for over 25 years.

Since the Brooklyn ferry was built in the 1950s, it has been an important tourist attraction in the borough.

It’s now become a ghostly haunt for people who have taken part in the ghost tour.

According to the New York Times, the haunted Brooklyn Ferry is a “classic New York ghost story”: a story about the Brooklyn waterfront’s abandonment, as it was in the early 1900s.

The ferry was sold to the city in 1967 and was abandoned in the late 1960s.

It was taken to the Museum of the City of New Orleans in 1969, where it has remained ever since.

There, the boats were refurbished, painted, and painted over.

In the mid-1980s, the vessel was purchased by New York’s Parks Department.

It has been in operation since 1993 and hosts ghost tours every Saturday.

The tours include a boat tour of the Brooklyn Island, an “archaeological excavation” of the boats and the boats themselves, a “sickening boat ride” and a “fishing tour” that includes a haunted boat ride that was made into a live haunted attraction.

Brooklyn Ferry has become a haunt of sorts for New York tourists, but there is a catch.

The boats have been painted over with a dark, ominous brownish paint that makes them seem like they’ve been abandoned and boarded up.

The eerie look is meant to scare tourists away from the boats.

“There’s been a lot of vandalism done on these boats, and we’re still working to find the culprits,” said Andrew Brown, the CEO of the New Orleans-based boat-repair company, Barge Repair.

“We’re hoping to find some kind of link to the boat itself.”

The boats are owned by Barge Restoration and are not part of any haunted tour, Brown said.

“These boats have always been a great attraction,” he added.

Brown said that his company’s boats have had “a really high rating from tourists and the people who are interested in getting into the boats, but we are not trying to put people off because of the paint.”

According to Brown, tourists can still go to the Brooklyn sightseer boats and tour the boats without disturbing the boats or their crew.

“The boats have a special connection to the people that use them,” Brown said, adding that visitors can still take the boats to the waterfront or the boats in the bay, which is a popular area for visitors.

“It’s just a fun, old-fashioned sightseeing experience.”

However, the sightseeing vessel is not the only haunted attraction for New Orleans visitors.

New Orleans has become known for its ghost tours, and New Orleans is also home to the ghost boat.

“People from all over the world come to New Orleans to experience the paranormal,” said Brown.

“Ghost tours have always attracted people who want to know more about the paranormal, and the Brooklyn Sighting Boat is no different.

It is just another place to get that information.”

New Orleans residents are also familiar with the ghost of a dead New Orleans girl.

“She’s just gone through hell,” said New Orleans resident and paranormal investigator John McPhee.

“Her body is not there.”

The Brooklyn Sightings Boat tour is a way for tourists to get into the Brooklyn ghost boat and have a ghost tour experience.

The tour is also a way to share a ghost story with visitors.

People who have participated in ghost tours have said that it has allowed them to connect with the spirits in their life.

According, Brown, “We want the visitors to feel like they’re connected with the story.”

According the New Yorkers, the ghost is usually in the form of a young woman.

“You can’t really tell what it’s like to have a real, living ghost in your life,” Brown added.

“But the more people that have gone on ghost tours and have seen these ghosts, the more they are open to seeing these stories from a real person’s point of view.”

The New York Sightseeing Boating Company is a tour company based in New York that has tours that take visitors to historic sites in the city.

They have been working to turn the Brooklyn boat into a ghost boat ride, according to the Times.

The boat is being turned up

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