How to watch the World Cup in the city of Gothenburg

Gothenberg, Sweden (AP) — You can watch the FIFA World Cup with friends on a boat in Gothenborg, Sweden.

It’s not quite as luxurious as a luxury hotel, but it is a sightseeing tour boat.

It’ll take you from the harbor to the harbor, and you can catch a glimpse of the city’s most popular tourist attractions and landmarks.

The trip costs about 30 euros ($35).

There are two cabins, a boat shop and a hotel.

You’ll get to enjoy the sights, the boats, and the harbor.

The cabins are not equipped with the same amenities you’ll find at a hotel, such as hot water, a refrigerator, and air-conditioning.

And there are no Wi-Fi or cell phones.

We’ll get back to that in a moment.

There’s no such thing as an overnight stay in Gotheborg.

You can stay up to 24 hours in each cabins.

And since the boat stays in the harbor for several hours, there’s no need to buy food on the boat.

The tour boat is a luxury, but you can see the sights and get a feel for what it’s like to live in Gothem.

The boat tour starts at the harbour.

It can take about two hours, depending on the number of passengers.

If you arrive in the morning, you can take a ride on the train to Gothenstad.

It leaves from the main station at 7:30 a.m.

You will be taken to the city center, and after checking into the hotel, you’ll walk up the pedestrian bridge over the river to the bridge of Gothlinge.

The ferry docks here at 7 a..m., and the tour boat leaves at 7 p.m..

It takes about one hour to walk up to the ferry, which can take three hours to reach.

After walking for several minutes along the bridge, the boat departs for the harbor and you’ll disembark at the harbor itself at around 7:45 p.s.m.:You can board the boat, as long as it’s equipped with a watertight door and a toilet.

We boarded the boat at 9:30 p.p.m, and it was crowded when we got off.

The boat is not equipped to accommodate the usual number of people on board.

But you can have a good time and watch the games from the boat deck, which is decorated with the names of the players from each of the six qualifying teams.

The seats are set up for seven people, but there are two large wooden seats that you can sit on and watch games from.

The games begin at about 7:15 p.d.

(4:15 a.u.m.).

The water level is about three feet above the deck, so you can’t sit in the boats.

You have to stand on the deck and watch from there.

You don’t have to buy a seat in the boat as the owner will take you to the front of the boat to watch games.

You can sit in a private cabin, which costs about 10 euros ($11).

You’ll board the cabin at 9 a.s., and you’re taken to a private room for a few hours.

There are no TVs, computers, or internet access.

We sat in a comfortable, wood-burning fireplace.

There’s no indoor plumbing or air conditioning.

You get a hot shower every night.

The owner will tell you how long you can stay on the island and how many people can stay in the cabin.

We stayed for about two weeks, and we paid about 25 euros ($28) a night for a room.

You need to bring your own toilet.

We sat in the wooden cabin for about an hour.

The cabin is decorated as a private house, but not as a place to relax.

We saw a man with his wife and children sitting on the living room couch, but we couldn’t see them because they were sleeping.

We were lucky to be able to stay on a beautiful beach.

The sun shone all day, and I enjoyed swimming and snorkeling.

The water was clean, and our clothes were not dirty.

There was a pool, and there was a waterfall in the background.

The temperature in Gothel is 35 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit).

It was refreshing to swim in the warm water.

But the people are so friendly, so friendly.

The people were friendly enough to allow us to sit on the beach with them.

The beach was the most peaceful, and very well maintained.

We boarded the ferry for Gothel, and then we stayed in the guesthouse on the ferry.

It was a nice place.

You could spend the night on the patio, relax with some friends, and watch a soccer game.

We did not have to pay for anything, and were able to enjoy a night on a beach.

After about one week

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