What you need to know about odaibas sightseeing boats

This week we have a brand new Odaiba boat to show off our latest range of boats.

This week, we’ve had the chance to test out our new ODAibas boat in the Odaiba lake in Cork.

The boat is the latest boat to be added to our Odaibi boat range.

Odaibeas sighting boat is an all-inclusive boat with an incredible range of features and a range of price points, all built in Cork with our Cork based design team.

ODAiba boat is a sightseeing canoe that will be ideal for sightseeing, canoeing and other outdoor adventures in Cork and Limerick.

There are plenty of amenities and a spacious cabin with a bar and a great view of the lake, making it a great sightseeing vehicle for both leisure and recreational purposes.

We are happy to introduce our ODAibeas boat to you.

The Odaabas boat is made of a waterproof and breathable plastic with a range or two of different colour options.

The cabin is spacious, comfortable and spacious.

The large back deck and spacious cabin make it ideal for taking a few pictures with your friends or family.

The front of the boat is lined with reflective foam, making the boat feel like a modern day yacht.

O daibas cabin is made out of the same fabric as the cabin.

The boat can be seen on our ODaiba boat page and can be purchased for just €20,000.

It’s a great value when you consider the boat will be sailing the O daiba lake from the Cork docks for about 15 days a year.

It can also be rented for a month or so and you can take it on a paddle tour around Limerick and the North West Coast of Ireland, and Cork City.

The Odaaba boat is available to rent from the ODAIBA website.

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