What to do when your friends don’t show up at the next dive? – The Atlantic Cities

A new app for Android and iOS lets you share photos and videos from your Android phone or tablet, and add comments to your photos.

The app, aptly named City Sightseeing, lets you post your city, boat or boat trip to the app, and anyone who finds your post will have the option to share it or make a comment.

You can then tag the photo or video in your comment, and your friends will be able to follow your post.

The company said the app is “designed to be easy to use” and that “it can be shared via social media, shared on social media networks, or directly sent to your friends, via email, SMS or voice message.”

The app allows users to add comments, share photos, and tag other users with their post.

City Sighttelling has been downloaded over 1 million times.

The new app has been developed by the same team behind City Sighting for Android, which has also been a popular dive app in recent years.

The developer, who goes by the handle, “Sebastian” said City Sightsight is the result of a collaboration between the city of San Francisco, a former dive master, and “a group of people who want to help bring dive culture back to the public eye.”

The apps team is now working on a similar app for iOS, the app also comes with a free trial for up to a month.

City sightseeing also has a Facebook page, where the company has posted videos of its tours of the city.

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