A sightseeing tour boat bent by a landslide in the Finnish Alps is now under restoration

Finland’s government is planning to restore a boat that went up in smoke in the mountainous regions of the Finnish Alpines after a landslide struck the boat.

The Alpine Sightseeing Boat was damaged by the March 17, 1883 landslide in Bekkala, a region located on the Finnish west coast.

It was only restored in 2013.

In 2018, the Finnish Land Board approved the rebuilding of the boat, which was rebuilt from the ground up with new materials and technology.

In an interview with Al Jazeera English, Alpina owner Eero Vainio said the Alpiniis restoration project was necessary to prevent further disasters in the area.

“I think the main cause of the accident was the building materials being used on the boats.

The boat is made of reinforced concrete.

But the fire spread to the sides, which is where the fire started,” he said.””

We used reinforced concrete and we also put some metal bars on the side of the hull to prevent the fire from spreading.

But the fire spread to the sides, which is where the fire started,” he said.”

So the construction process was not complete.

We had to rebuild the boat from scratch, and it was not a very good solution.”

Vainio explained that he built the boat using his own materials, which he described as “good quality.”

He explained that his company is “very careful” about the materials they use, and added that the new construction “was not easy.”

Vineio said he hopes to be able to build more Alpino boats in the future, and that he has received some interest from potential clients.

“We are not just a boat builder, we are a boat-builder, too.

We want to do it again in a year,” he explained.

“I hope that we will be able [to rebuild the AlPiniis].

We have no doubt that we can.”

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