An aerial view of the ‘Wreck of the Wreck of The B.D.W.’

The wreck of the sunken B.M.S. Whirlpool in the waters off the coast of Norway has become the subject of a new video, shot by an amateur videographer who has been documenting the incident for years.

The Whirlpuck, an old, derelict seaplane, was spotted on Wednesday in the sea near the town of Kjelln and has since been photographed by a man using a GoPro.

The man, who does not wish to be identified, has been filming for several years and he said he was impressed with the photographer’s ability to capture the dramatic scene.

The B.

S WhirlPool, a German-built seaplane operated by the German air force in World War II, was reportedly lost in an accident at the beginning of the war.

It was sunk on January 30, 1944 in the Norwegian Sea, after the pilot, Rudolf Härtgen, lost control and crashed.

It is estimated that the plane sank at least 200 meters (656 feet) and is the largest sunken aircraft in the world.

The video, entitled “The B D W ,” was shot in June 2015 on a rented camera rig.

The video, which was shared on Twitter by the man, features images of the wreckage, and the sound of the whirlpump being launched, as well as some other footage of the wreck.

The wreck was located on January 31, according to the B.A.

S website.

The Germanwings plane is believed to have been struck by a large number of projectiles, with some landing on the sea floor.

The wreckage was also seen in the videos of other aircraft which crashed in the area.

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