The world’s worst copenhagen

Two of the world’s biggest tourist spots are in a poor condition after a massive wave hit.

It’s been a big week for the Copenhagen area of central Europe, with two major earthquakes hitting the area and the worst flooding since records began in 1796.

But despite the weather, tourists from as far away as Canada and the United States are visiting the city’s main attraction, the Copernicus observation tower.

Here are five things to know about the world famous Copernic.

Read moreRead moreFirst, Copernics are the only buildings in Europe that are actually on a hilltop and have been built entirely of stone.

They’re made of quarried limestone that’s been melted down to form an impregnable dome, a perfect form for a structure that could withstand a nuclear attack.

But the structure is now in ruins, with a gaping hole that’s left behind.

There are still a few pieces of the dome remaining.

There is still a glass dome on top, and some parts of the structure are still standing, but it’s now totally eroded away.

The tower is not the only thing that’s fallen.

Some of the concrete columns and beams that supported the dome are also gone, and the structure’s roof has been ripped off.

It looks like this is a pretty bad sign, but there’s no time to panic.

The tower is still standing but the building is in ruins.

The damage to the Copena’s tower, which was made of cement, is a massive one.

It has been estimated that it’s at least 30 metres (98 feet) wide.

It has the same impact force as a house or building in its weight.

But it’s a building that is supposed to be at least 80 metres tall, so it’s not the biggest in the world.

It was built in the 1950s, but the tower was only completed in the late 1980s.

The concrete and steel columns that support it were replaced in the 1990s.

So how did this happen?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Copenhagen is one of the tallest buildings in the whole world.

In order to be considered one of these, it has to be more than 60 metres tall.

It was completed in 1952 and is the tallest building in the entire world.

When the Copega’s tower was finished, it was considered one the tallest in Europe.

But in the years since, it’s fallen to the ground.

There’s been an estimated total of 25,000 tonnes (40,000 tons) of concrete that has been knocked down from the roof.

And it’s the damage to Copega that’s the biggest.

The Copega tower was built for the European Commission, a government body that was set up to oversee the construction of the new EU.

The building is meant to be a monument to Europe’s past and was intended to represent a symbol of unity and cohesion.

It’s also meant to represent the city of Copenhagen, which lies just 50 kilometres (31 miles) from Amsterdam.

But after the earthquake, the building’s foundations began to crumble.

A massive section of the tower’s base was ripped off and collapsed.

The whole building has since been completely eroded away and the Copenicus tower has been reduced to rubble.

So what now?

The Copena has been completely destroyed.

It is still on the top of the cliff, but is now just a pile of rubble and dirt.

This is not a place to go if you’re in the Copelands.

It is possible that the Copens will recover and rebuild, but with so much destruction already in the area, it will be very difficult to do so.

So if you have plans to visit the Copeni, you’re better off staying away.

It may be worth a trip to a different city to make sure that it does not collapse again.

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