Yokohama Sightseeing Boat Hits The Waves with a Super-Diving Adventure

Yokohamas sightseeing boaters are on the hunt for a spot on the water after a super-diving experience left them with a shattered nose and two cracked ribs.

The boaters and their guides were on their way to the nearby village of Kawasaki for a wedding and ceremony when the experience occurred, according to a report by Japanese television station TV Asahi.

The boat’s owner, Shinsuke Yoshida, said his boat was on its way to Kawasaki from Fukuoka, Japan when it went into the water.

The boat was a Super Diving Adventure, a type of boat with an open cockpit that lets people dive without masks.

It’s a “very common” type of dive, Yoshida said.

It can be done with a helmet or a mask, but only with a specially designed dive mask that looks like a mask.

The Japanese word for mask is “jigokusei.”

After a series of attempts to get it under control, the boaters finally succeeded in getting the boat under control after a day of swimming in the ocean, according the TV Asay report.

The owners of the boat have been told to stay in their boat and not come out for at least three days after the accident, according a statement from the Yamaguchi-gumi, or Yamagata-guchi, police force.

Police said the owners of another Japanese tourist boat who went to the accident scene reported the accident.

A man identified as an employee of the company was arrested and faces criminal charges, according police.

The victim of the accident is in critical condition at a local hospital, according Tokyo police.

The dive boat’s operator, Toshio Shirozuka, told local media that his boat, the Akatsuki, was heading toward Kawasaki when the accident happened.

He said the boater was wearing a mask and had gone in a different direction than the boat was heading.

The accident happened on the river’s bank, he said.

“We have been working hard to keep the boat safe and were only too happy when it happened,” Shirokatsu told the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper.

The accident has also sparked criticism about safety standards for boaters.

The Japanese government announced in January that it was taking a closer look at safety in Japanese tourist boats.

Japan’s tourism ministry said it had begun conducting “a thorough examination of safety measures and procedures” in Japan’s tourist industry.

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