How to See Manhattan Boat Sightseeing at the Harbor

Posted September 12, 2018 08:59:15 A boat in Manhattan’s harbor can be a beautiful sight to behold, but one man’s experience of seeing a Manhattan boat sightsee is an experience he can’t forget.

For decades, John Rizzo, a retired real estate broker, has been in New York City, visiting the harbor.

Now he’s taking the experience even further.

He’s starting a boat sightselling tour of Manhattan.

It’s called Sightseeing Boat Tours, and it’s meant to be a one-day boat tour, not a weekend cruise, Rizzos son, Andrew, told ABC News.

Andrew, 28, is one of a number of participants.

Andrew Rizzozo, left, and Andrew Rios of New York, who are part of a boat tour to the Manhattan City harbor.

For more than 50 years, Andrew has been visiting the Manhattan harbor to see what the city has to offer, but has had little luck getting into the water.

Now, he’s launching a boat-tour to the city that will feature a full-day experience of sightseeing, Rios told ABC affiliate WCBS.

The boat-voyage will begin on Friday, and ends on Monday.

It will take in several areas in the harbor, from the top of the harbor to the sides of the water and around the boats.

Andrew hopes to see boats from the likes of the Horseshoe Bay and the River Harlem.

He’ll be accompanied by a photographer, Andrew said.

It’s not the first time Andrew has traveled on the boat tour.

He has previously traveled aboard a yacht to explore the harbor and even the Hudson River.

The idea for Sightseeing Bike Tours came from Andrew, who said he was always fascinated by the city.

He had never been on a boat before, and thought that there could be a fun and adventurous way to see the city, Rizos said.

He was hoping to create a boat that would bring the experience of sailing a boat down to the harbor while at the same time offering the opportunity to see New York’s boats.

“You can be in the water for a long time,” Andrew said, “but you can’t leave the water.”

The boat will have a deck that will be decked with boats that Andrew plans to take on tour.

Rizzos boat will be the first to be equipped with a full kitchen and bath, and the rest of the crew will be onboard.

He said the boat will also include a restaurant, a restaurant lounge, a bar, and a barber shop.

The crew will also be on hand to answer any questions they may have, Ritzos said, including how to get around in the city and how to take the boat.

The plan is to have about 50 people on board the boat and the sightseeing will start at 5 p.m. on Friday and last until 2 a.m., he said.

The boat can be rented out for an additional fee, but there are no reservations necessary.

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