‘Fascinating story’ on how the Nazis got their boat and how they managed to escape capture

Gdansk, Poland – In April 1945, the Nazi regime was in turmoil.

In April 1941, the Soviet Union had invaded Germany.

The Allies had defeated Germany and had regained control of their borders.

But the Nazis, emboldened by their victories in the West, were threatening to overrun Russia.

To help their cause, Hitler sent his SS (Schutzstaffel) to the Baltic Sea, hoping to force the Soviets to surrender their Baltic territories.

The Soviet Union was a long way from Berlin, and its leaders were reluctant to give up their territory.

Hitler needed to show that the Soviet army was stronger than the Soviet forces in Poland, which he believed had surrendered.

In June, Hitler ordered his men to sail a German freighter out of Germany.

On the way, they captured a Soviet submarine.

Hitler knew they were captured by the Soviets, but he decided to hold the submarine and keep it secret.

Hitler ordered that the Germans not release the submarine, and the Soviets did not release it until December 1944.

On January 7, 1945, two days before the Allies invaded Germany, Hitler released the submarine.

The SS men who captured the submarine were awarded the Order of Merit by the SS, which meant they had saved the lives of thousands of people.

Hitler’s submarine was captured by Allied forces near Latvia, but after two months it was returned to Germany and never returned to the Soviet fleet.

What happened next is the subject of this article.

After the Allies’ victory in Europe, the Soviets decided to end the war, and by August, the Germans were able to liberate Latvia from the Nazis.

However, it was during this time that the Soviets took the opportunity to acquire the submarine that had been captured by Hitler’s men in April.

It is unknown exactly when the submarine was stolen by the Germans, but it happened in mid-1944.

It was later revealed that the SS men had managed to evade capture and had managed with a small group of SS men to make it out of the Soviet territory.

In the end, the submarine managed to sail back to Germany with the help of two German seamen.

The submarine was then found in a forest near Gdowsk, where it was taken to the Nazi Memorial in Berlin.

In 1945, it became a memorial to the many victims of the Nazis’ atrocities.

The Nazis, of course, did not have much time to get rid of the submarine as the Soviets invaded Latvia in June.

However that did not stop the Nazis from planning their next operation.

In November 1944, a Soviet aircraft was spotted flying through the Baltic, which was now a Soviet province.

The Soviets thought that the aircraft was a military plane.

After some intense training, the pilot was able to fly the aircraft over the Soviet city of Tomsk.

Tomsk, a city of nearly 30,000 people, had been a part of the USSR for many years before the Nazis invaded it in 1941.

But when the Nazis were preparing to invade Latvia, the city was under occupation.

In response to the Soviets’ attempt to capture Tomsks military airport, the Nazis sent a large contingent of SS troops to the city.

At that time, the SS troops were under the command of SS General Ernst Jodl.

When the Soviets sent an SS unit to TomsK to help evacuate people from the city, the men of the SS unit were killed by the Russians.

The survivors, who had survived the invasion, decided to return to the mainland of Germany, where they could continue their training.

It wasn’t until the fall of 1944 that the Nazis finally managed to capture the submarine they had taken from the Soviet navy in May 1945.

However they didn’t want to abandon the submarine to the Allies, so they tried to keep it under the watchful eye of the Germans.

In the end they managed, however, to escape and take the submarine with them.

The Nazi submarine, however was captured in June 1945 by the Soviet authorities.

The German authorities were also unaware that the submarine had been stolen by SS soldiers.

They were unaware that Hitler was planning to capture and keep the submarine until the end of the war.

On January 21, 1946, the last SS men of Hitler’s SS surrendered to the authorities in Germany.

Although the Germans had captured the SS boat and returned it to Germany, it remained under the protection of the Soviets.

The Nazis hoped that the USSR would agree to let the submarine go to Russia and allow the Soviets the opportunity they needed to liberate their Baltic land.

But unfortunately, the Russians refused to allow the submarine home, and it remained in the Soviet control until it was recovered by the Allies.

As a result, the Americans discovered the submarine in July 1945.

It had been used in an attack on the United States by the Nazis on December 9, 1945.

The Americans were able the capture the SS vessel to keep the secret of the operation a

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