How to watch the most spectacular sights in Helsinki with the most expensive sightseeing boats

BAY, Finland (AP) The cheapest sightseeing vessels are no longer available to rent in Finland.

The National Maritime Administration says that since July, all sightseeing services on the Stockholm sightseeing fleet have been sold out.

“We have seen the number of rental boats on the boats decline,” said spokeswoman Annika Risti.

That means rental companies are no more able to keep up with demand for sightseeing and other cruises in the Stockholm area.

The Stockholm sightreading fleet includes boats that ply the Stockholm Bay, the largest harbour in Sweden, and the smaller island of Jussala.

The boats also include some that ply lakes, and some cruise in the Arctic Circle.

A boat rented from Vantaa in southern Sweden is the cheapest of the rental boats, costing about $1,200 a week, according to the company.

Vantaae said the boats will be replaced by the larger boats.

Vartaa says it has no plans to buy any of the smaller sightseeing vehicles.

The sightseeing craft are usually built in the 1980s.

The cheapest of those boats, the Vantaas, has a top speed of more than 80 knots.

That’s about three times the speed of a fast-attack cruise ship.

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