Why the Dolphins are keeping the #Dolphins at the helm

There’s a reason the Dolphins have spent most of the offseason on their sideline.

They are not a team that has a true front office.

It’s not that they’re not loyal to the owners, it’s that they aren’t loyal to their own players.

They have spent the offseason figuring out how to improve the roster.

It could have been better, but it could have gone worse.

That’s why, when the owners signed the collective bargaining agreement with the players last week, the Dolphins had to do it.

They had to give the players a chance to improve, and they had to have their best player back to play in every game.

That means a team can only play so many games, and the Dolphins don’t have a full roster until the next season.

The first two weeks of the season were not as good as the first two games.

The offense had struggled, and a quarterback who has never thrown for more than 2,000 yards and a defense that has struggled to stop the run, they were not winning.

The Dolphins had lost four straight games, but they had come back and won three of them.

That gave them a good chance to be playoff contenders, but not a great chance to make the playoffs.

Now they have a chance at a third consecutive trip to the postseason, and with one more win and a lot of new faces, they could have a real shot.

That said, the front office did a good job of finding players who fit their needs, and those players have worked their way into the team.

If they’re in the right spots, this is the team to play.

They will be good, but a good team can’t rely on one guy, and that’s why the Dolphins haven’t had the type of season that would make them the favorites to win the AFC East.

They won’t be favorites, but the team will be competitive, and it will have the players that will help them do it, even if they can’t control the outcome of games.

This is a team in need of a savior, and if the front offices goal is to find one, they have found one.

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