‘I’ve seen a lot’: ‘It’s a dream come true’ for Turkish boat owner

Istanbul – Turkish fishing boat owner and owner of the Gallegos, a sightseeing ship that has been in port in Istanbul for more than a decade, has been reunited with his daughter.

The Gallego, which was towed out of Turkey’s Black Sea port of Yozgat on Thursday, was being held by the Turkish authorities for over a month after it was seized by police in November last year.

“I have been in Istanbul since last September, and I was in Istanbul from March to May,” Ali Aktas, the captain of the boat, told ABC News.

“There were so many things that happened to me and my family, and now we’re back together.”

After the arrest of his wife and son in June, the Galas was sent to Turkish authorities, who took it to the Greek island of Lesbos for questioning.

“They said it was a mistake, and that I should be released,” he said.

“It was just my daughter and I who were in the boat at the time.

We were on the beach when the police took us.

They asked us for our IDs and all our documents, but we didn’t know.”

The Galas, a 1,000-metre sailing boat, had been in Greek waters for about a year before being seized by authorities.

The vessel, which has been a sightseer in Istanbul, was seized in November 2016 after Turkish authorities took it out of the port.

“It’s been a long time, but I’m happy,” Mr Aktos said.

He and his daughter, who are currently in Germany, had spent a lot of time in Turkey, spending time with her mother in the country’s northern border town of Suruc.

They’re not like the Greek people, they don’t take you to the sea.””

They said the boat was very nice.

They’re not like the Greek people, they don’t take you to the sea.”

We are grateful to be back, we are thankful to the Turkish people for their love.

“Turkey’s military seized the Galagas in March last year, and Mr Aktsos and his family were released from prison last month.

The couple were later charged with “spreading propaganda” in their home country.”

He said the sightseeing cruise was an adventure, and had “nothing to do with the war”.”

It’s the best I’ve ever seen, and it was my first time on a Turkish boat.”

He said the sightseeing cruise was an adventure, and had “nothing to do with the war”.

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