Surfers on the rocks, a ‘very rare’ sight in Sydney’s central coastline

A “very rare” sight has been spotted on Sydney’s Central Coast during a rare wave of strong water that washed out coastal surfers’ boats.

Key points:The wave was a “very small” amount and only “slightly” impacted the boatA small beach along the Sydney coastline has seen waves like this in the pastSurfers have been on the sand, waiting for a wave to hitThe surfers on board the boat were on a paddle-board with their surfboard, when the wave struckThe wave came off the coast of NSW, just before 11:00am on Monday, and quickly receded.

“The wave hit the paddle-wheel, so we thought it was pretty safe,” surfboarder Peter Lopes told 7.30.

The surf board was on a trip to the shoreline on the north coast of Sydney when it was hit by the wave, he said.

“We were at the beach waiting for the wave to come in, and then suddenly it hit,” Mr Lopes said.

Mr Lopes’ friend, Kevin, said he and his mates were in the water for a while.

“It was very small,” Mr Kevin said.

The wave is a “Very Small” wave on the NSW Central Coast, and it’s the first wave to be seen on the coastal coast in more than a decade, Mr Lodes said.

A few minutes later, Mr Simeone and his surfboard mate also got hit by a small wave.

“That was a very big wave, we got a lot of water in the paddles,” Mr Simeson said.’

Pretty rare’The wave broke through the waves at a depth of about five metres, causing no injuries, the Surfers of NSW said.

It was “pretty rare” for the surfers to be in that situation, a spokesperson for Surfers Australia said.

But the wave was also “not an easy surf to get to”.

“We had to stay in the surf for a couple of hours, but the water was pretty shallow,” Mr Azzopardi said.

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