How to travel on the Fujisightseeing boat

In March this year, the Japanese government launched a new boat tour service, which will be available on the Japanese island of Kyushu.

The Fujisights are equipped with an autonomous drone that can take photos of objects up to 30 metres (yards) away.

The boat trips start from about ¥300 (around £15) and will cost about ¥1,000.

The idea is to give locals a way to get around the islands in their own time.

In the US, a similar service called Wanderlust offers trips by self-driving scooters, but this one takes place on an island.

“In the past, Japanese tourists have been very interested in exploring the islands of Kyoshu, and the Fujitsight service is an extension of this interest,” said Takashi Yoshida, a professor of Japanese at Tokyo University.

“They are looking to be a way for people to explore the area without spending money.”

It will be the first time that Japanese tourists will be able to visit the islands without a trip to Kyushus own islands.

“We are looking forward to a great festival with the whole country,” Mr Yoshida said.

It’s not just tourists who will be attracted to the Fujisesight.

“The island itself has been used by fishermen for a long time,” Mr Toshiki said.

“I’m sure that people in Japan would be very interested to see how the islands and their wildlife have changed over the years.”

There is a strong cultural history on Kyushushu, but the island is also home to a lot of people from different backgrounds, including the Shikoku region, which is home to about one in every eight people in the country.

“Kyushushus people are not used to being in the limelight,” Mr Fujishima said.

“[Kyushus] is a place where many people are proud to be Japanese.”

Kyushoshis culture is rooted in the sea and the natural world, and it is one that has been influenced by European, Japanese and Chinese influences.

The area around Kyushukas capital of Naha is home in part to the ancient island fortress of Takanagawa.

“Naha was the centre of the ancient culture of Kyushi, and a number of the buildings were constructed by Chinese traders,” Mr Miyazaki said.

The castle was a key part of the cultural and economic history of the region.

The Shikotsu temple is the second largest in Japan, and is also where the Fujishishima family lived.

It was the site of a major battle between the Chinese and Japanese in 1282.

“It was a very important location in the history of Kyuso-shinshū, where the Shōkatsu-shu (shin-shin) shrine was located,” Mr Ishihara said.

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