Video shows how a self-driving car could end Japan’s dependence on oil

Video: A self-driven car is one of the many possibilities that are waiting to be explored in the world of autonomous vehicles.

It would allow the use of cars and trucks for things like shopping, shopping trips, and delivery.

But, in a world where self-flying cars are the norm, and there are so many autonomous vehicles on the road, we wondered if Japan’s reliance on oil would go away.

So we decided to look at Japan’s own consumption of oil and see if there were any changes that might affect Japan’s future dependence on petroleum.

First, we looked at Japan in its entirety.

Japan’s total petroleum consumption was just over 300 million barrels per day (bpd).

That means that the country uses around 8,000 bpd of oil for transportation.

It has a total crude oil production of about 17 billion barrels per year.

It is currently the world’s biggest importer of oil.

In fact, Japan’s economy depends heavily on oil exports, which accounts for about 60 percent of the country’s GDP.

Japan is one the world leaders in oil production.

In addition to the oil imports, Japan has one of its biggest trade deficits with China, the world leader in crude oil imports.

Japan has an annual budget deficit of around $300 billion, which is around half the global average.

To put that in perspective, the U.S. spends about $4.3 trillion annually on imports from other countries, while Japan spends $6.7 trillion annually.

The country’s oil imports are mostly from Saudi Arabia, which imports around 4.4 million bpd.

The rest comes from Venezuela, Indonesia, Indonesia’s neighbors, and Brazil.

The United States is Japan’s biggest trading partner, with $1.7 billion in trade.

The next largest trading partner is China, which has $1 trillion in trade with Japan.

Japan also exports oil to the U, Australia, Norway, and Canada, but this trade is mostly with Asian countries.

Japan imports about $1 billion worth of oil from the European Union every day.

While Japan has a small oil production, it produces more than enough oil for the country to meet its needs.

The problem is, Japan imports more oil than it can produce.

As Japan is a country that is heavily dependent on oil imports from all over the world, Japan can’t export oil quickly enough.

It doesn’t have the resources to quickly produce its own oil.

So Japan has to import oil from other Asian countries to supply its domestic needs.

When oil prices rise, Japan is forced to import more oil.

This will have an impact on Japan’s overall economy.

While it might seem like a simple matter of exporting more oil, the implications for Japan’s long-term dependence on crude oil are quite significant.

This is because the world is a large exporter of crude oil, which means that countries like Japan are dependent on a large amount of oil to supply their domestic needs as well.

Japan can rely on its dependence on the U to import crude oil and other products.

Japan doesn’t import any oil from countries other than the U itself, such as South Korea, Russia, and China.

Japan cannot depend on other countries to produce its oil, as it would be very difficult for it to import as much oil as it needs.

For Japan to continue to export oil, it would have to import much more oil and import much less oil than Japan’s domestic needs would dictate.

The question is, will Japan’s dependency on oil continue?

The Japanese government says it wants to keep its dependence with oil at all costs.

This means that it is working to create a network of oil pipelines to transport the country´s oil.

Japan plans to have more than a million oil pipelines connecting the country with other countries.

The new oil pipelines are to be built by 2021.

Japan hopes to have a network with as many as 30,000 oil pipelines across the country by 2020.

It expects to have enough pipelines to supply the country for about 10 years.

The Japanese plan is to increase the number of oil pipeline connections to more than 300,000 by 2025.

It will also have more pipelines connecting with other Asian nations.

However, the government is also developing an alternative energy system that uses nuclear energy.

The plan is called the Nuclear Energy Agency of Japan.

The Nuclear Energy Administration of Japan is in charge of designing and building nuclear power plants.

It wants to create as many reactors as possible, and also build new nuclear plants for future expansion.

These new nuclear power reactors will be connected to existing pipelines.

The reactors will use a nuclear fuel called kerosene that is produced in Japan.

It contains uranium and plutonium, which are the building blocks for nuclear weapons.

The nuclear fuel contains uranium 238 and plutonium 238, which makes it more stable than uranium or plutonium.

The fuel is also cheaper than uranium and can be used to make bombs and reactors.

The Japan government hopes that by building nuclear reactors, the country can make the country more energy

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