Nordic sightseeing boats are now available for hire with a new ICO

Nordic sightreading boats are available now on Ethereum for hire!

This is a nice little bonus for the crypto enthusiast!

Read on to learn how you can get your hands on one of these awesome sailing boats!

We have a list of some of the boats listed on the Nordic Sightseeing Boat page and will be updating this post as soon as we get more information.

What are these boats?

What are they for?

How do I get one?

What’s in the boat?

The Nordic Sightreading Boat is a boat that was developed by the Norwegian Coast Guard and is used by a variety of different organisations.

It is the first Nordic sightseating boat that can be rented for up to 2 days for the price of a regular sightseeing trip.

The boat is equipped with two different onboard computers and one camera to make it easy for the passengers to follow the boat.

Each person on board the boat will have a personal camera and GPS system so they can easily navigate around the vessel.

The Nordic sight reading boat is also equipped with a private lounge area where you can relax and catch up with your favourite crew.

There are also private decks for the crew to enjoy the ocean breeze, sun and cool weather.

There is also a small cabin for passengers who want to enjoy a relaxing stay aboard the boat, which is just above the water.

This cabin is the home to a large selection of drinks and snacks, so you won’t need to leave the boat if you have a bottle of wine or a snack.

There’s also a large lounge area in the cabin for your favourite guest to enjoy their drinks and a deck that can accommodate up to 12 guests on board at once.

How do you rent one of the Nordic sight viewing boats?

You can rent a Nordic sight seeing boat for up of 2 days, for the cost of a normal sightseeing ticket.

The sailing boat will be available to rent for up and over 3 months for the following amount: 2,500 Norwegian kroner (approximately $22) for 1 day (1 day for 3 people)

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