When you want to see the world, take a boat with captree

You might have seen the captree boat before.But you might not have noticed its existence until now.It is a small boat that travels from the city of Ljublikajs in Croatia, through the Croatian coast, through Slovenia, Croatia and the Mediterranean Sea.The boat is made out of aluminium.So, why did it exist?There are several reasons.In October…

A sightseeing tour boat bent by a landslide in the Finnish Alps is now under restoration

Finland’s government is planning to restore a boat that went up in smoke in the mountainous regions of the Finnish Alpines after a landslide struck the boat.The Alpine Sightseeing Boat was damaged by the March 17, 1883 landslide in Bekkala, a region located on the Finnish west coast.It was only restored in 2013.In 2018, the…

When: Saturday, 28 May 2015 from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm (local) until 6.00pm (local time) (€7.60) on the ferryboats Ävnsvögatan, Västra Götaland, Älmökörö, Århus and Ätila

The sightseeing boats Äsgårda, Værsjö and Åttanmölm will depart from Helsinki at 10.30 am and arrive in Helsingborg at 12.15 pm.This is a free tour, with no booking required.See the full guide to sightseeing in Helsingsborg for more info.

Why you should use the Mercury Sightseeing Barge instead of a Mercury Tourist Boat

A recent study by University of Southern California researchers has determined that the sightseeing cruises of luxury cruises such as the Mercury and the Mercury Tourists are no longer a sustainable option for people traveling on a budget.The study also found that the Mercury sightseeing barge is the most environmentally friendly sightseeing vessel on the…

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